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General Handyman Work - Arcade Civil

General Handyman Work

  Electrician: If you require experienced and reliable electrician for installation or r...
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Aged and Disabled Community

Another sector that we are experts on is mobility access modifications for your residential or co...
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Property Maintenance

We provide a one stop shop for all your residential or commercial Property Maintenance needs. Our...
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House Modifications and Renovations

House Modification and Renovations

We provide a one stop shop for all your residential or commercial House or Property Modifications...
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Civil Works and Construction - Arcade Civil

Civil Works and Construction

If you are look for the best Civil Contractors in Sydney, look no further than Arcade Civil. We a...
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About Us

Arcade civil are an innovative and expert construction group based in Sydney and providing services across the Sydney and surrounds.  We provide a wide range of construction, renovation and maintenance services. Our expertise in this industry means we have the technical ability and the deep understanding of the job to provide you with the best results. Our company prides itself on perfection and an eye to detail like no other company. No job is too big or small for us, because we know how every part of your home is essential in the upkeep of the value and environment of your home. A vast number of our clientel is the Aged and Disabled community, so you can rest assured with Arcade Civil that we will taking care of your loved ones.

Why Arcade Civil?

We live by our core values of innovation, integrity and ingenuity. These values drive our work and our relationship with you. We know how big of an investment your house is, and putting us in charge of any maintenance, construction or repair works comes with huge responsibility for us. We genuinely believe that with this trust comes great accountability to providing you with the best results, performance and experience. You can be certain about our transparency in all the processes needed to achieve the best results, and our goal to ensure all issues are solved with longevity and maximum outcome in mind. We also understand

All this, along with our expert technical abilities at every level of service, makes up our principal of “value-added construction”. To choose arcade civil, is to choose assurance of the best experience and outcome.

Work Health and Safety:

At Arcade Civil, we strictly comply with all NSW Work Health and Safety legislation, code of practice and standards. We understand that the construction environment can be a high-risk environment, with machinery, clients and staff working side by side. Therefore, we believe cooperation and coordination are essential to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site. Our commitment to making the environment safe to customers and workers alike – this means our team has been trained in NSW WHS Regulations and Safe Work Method Statement. We ensure all employees and contractor hold current and relevant licenses. In addition, the materials and chemicals we use are of the safest standards, and any fittings done come with guarantee of longevity and safety.

Commitment to the Environment and Community:

At Arcade Civil, we go beyond the work at hand. We believe that we have a social obligation to fulfill as well when we embark on any project. This means our team pays the highest respect to the natural environment and community while commencing any civil works. We implement and maintain systems to manage and minimise the impact of our work on the environment. For example, we continually track and record our use of fuel, water, chemicals and grease, and try our best to work with the surrounding community in our job. Our obligation to the environment and community goes hand in hand with our commitment of perfection to you as a client.



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