Aged and Disabled Community


Another sector that we are experts on is mobility access modifications for your residential or commercial property We know how important it is to create accessibility to all people, whether disabled, aged or young, to give them the freedom of mobility and independence. This is why we strive to create solutions to all types of accessibility needs in compliance with the latest Australian Standards. With our team of experienced workers, we can help you create mobility modifications catering to all needs, granting improved quality of life and independence to all.


If you have any disabled or aged people living in your property or want to make your property more accessible to those with disabilities, we can help you with renovations. These maybe include installing rails to hold on to, a ramp for wheelchair accessibility, or even modifications to the bathroom and toilet, such as handles and rails for ease of movement. We understand how important it is to create an environment where everyone has equal access to facilities. This is why we have the best tradesmen with experience in fitting the best modification for your commercial or residential property in Sydney.



Our services include but are not limited to rail solution, shower solution, bathroom and kitchen modifications, installation of ramps and steps, door solutions and installation of non-slip surfaces.